commercial Mortgages

What is it?

In simple terms, a commercial mortgage is the business form of a personal mortgage. The mortgage is a long-term loan taken by the business which is secured on a specific property or properties. With many different commercial mortgage lenders and literally hundreds of different commercial mortgage products, selecting the right one may seem confusing, but that’s where an experienced commercial finance broker can really help. Buying a commercial property for rental purposes or for your own business to trade from can be a sound investment, but as with all big decisions, it’s worth considering all the options before you jump in.

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What does it Cost?

Rates are low and the term is often long which keeps payments low. There are lots of other considerations though such as interest only or repayment, repayment holidays and the loan to value you are able to borrow up to. We can assist in helping you borrow 100% through a hybrid of commercial mortgage and business loan top up.

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