Development Finance

What is it?

There are many, many types of development finance but in essence it is a loan that is given to contribute toward the purchase of land or a building and the cost of the development of the land or the building. The lender will take a charge against the title and sometimes on additional property to make up the security depending on the amount that the borrower wishes to borrow. Most development finance facilities are set up to allow monthly interest charges to be added to the loan facility as opposed to being paid monthly.

The interest is then repaid when the loan is redeemed (usually once the development is completed and the properties sold or refinanced onto commercial mortgages). Having the interest added to the facility takes pressure off the developer so that they can concentrate on the development.

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What does it Cost?

There are usually percentages for arrangement fee, monthly interest and occasionally an exit fee. The rates charged depends on the above 3 factors, how robust the lending proposal is and the specific lender. There are additional costs occasionally for solicitors fees and valuation fees.

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