What is it?

Bridging finance is usually a type of short-term secured loan that can be used in property transactions or trading businesses. It’s best thought of as a temporary loan which gets you from A to B, until you can either clear the loan in full or secure a more permanent form of finance. That’s where the “bridge” idea comes in – finance bridging a gap to get you from one place to another.


Lenders look at 3 key things when they are assessing a business for bridging finance:

credit rating

This is the credit rating of the borrower using credit reference agencies such as Experian.


This is an assessment of the property used as security – what is the value of it normally and what is the value of it in a forced sale over a reduced selling period (these can change dramatically depending on lots of factors such as location).


The exit is how the borrower plans to repay the lender when they are at point B – usually through refinancing onto a more conventional mortgage or the sale of the asset which realises it’s value and repays the lender, hopefully leaving the borrower with a profit!

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What does it Cost?

There are usually percentages for arrangement fee, monthly interest and occasionally an exit fee. The rates charged depends on the above 3 factors, how robust the lending proposal is and the specific lender. There are additional costs occasionally for solicitors fees and valuation fees.

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